Tailored to your workflow

Q+I assembles an optimal solution from its toolbox to suit your specific needs

Pricing is a factor of Volume, Latency, and Detection type

IT Infrastructure

Where and how do you need the IT deployed?


Will you be uploading individually or by batch?


What are your latency requirements?


What are the monthly volumes of images and their average size?


How detailed do you need your reports to be?

Q+I then works with your team to assemble a tailored solution


Screenshot Detector

Q+I can detect if an image was captured from a computer screen and passed off as an original

Image printed then recaptured

Is the picture or scan of the ID original ? Or is it a picture of a picture?

Q+I sees forgers changing data on documents printing them, then recapturing them as original

DeepFake detection of live video calls

Forgery detection for ID's Alpha numeric

Forgery detection of ID Deepfake or face swap

Forgery detection for insurance use cases (accidents/damages)

Forgery detection for documents

Metadata heuristic analysis

Signals processing filtering and median filter detection

Compression analysis

Final results aggregation and risk assessment

Manipulation and forgery is difficult if not impossible to detect even by professionals
Let Q+I provide you with a second pair of trained eyes to secure and streamline your workflow